Rocking A Exotics - Price List
Axis Does $450.00
Axis Bucks/Per Year $550.00
Fallon Does $475.00
Fallon Bucks/Per Year $600.00
Black Buck Males/Per Inch $80.00
Aoudad Ewes $350.00
Aoudad Males Price on Request
Scimitar Oryx Fawns $1250-2500.00
Scimitar Oryx Bulls $1250-$2500.00
Gemsbok Cows depending on size $2500.00 & Up
Gemsbok Bulls depending on size $2000.00 & up
Sable Cows Price on Request
Sable Bulls Price on Request
Red Deer Cows $850.00
Red Deer Bulls/Per Year $650.00
Catalina Rams $550.00
More Species of Exotics Available
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